A desktop for the web
Desktop.com organizes web apps and links across all your devices

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All your Apps neatly organized

No more endless browser tabs: Desktop.com organizes web apps automatically so you don’t spend time looking for them

All your links in one place

Desktop.com helps you manage, tag and sort your links so that you can find what you need when you need it. Let the days of long unsearchable bookmark lists and lost links be gone

Made for collaboration

Share apps and links, or an entire desktop, with just one click. Invite internal members as well as external guests

Easily switch between accounts

Want to separate your personal desktop from your work desktop? Collaborating with more than one team? Not a problem. You can seamlessly switch between your different accounts. Staying focused and maintaining a work-life balance has never been easier.

Discover new apps

Desktop.com’s own AppStore supports hundreds of Web Apps - browse, discover and add away!


Desktop.com provides a productive and secure environment for using and organizing web apps.

Businesses and consumers are increasingly moving their daily activities online, where modern web apps are replacing natively installed apps. However, up until now, there has been no environment where web apps can be easily found, organized and accessed with a single login.

Desktop.com solves this challenge and introduces several other features to make the transition to an online workflow easier and more accessible for everyone.

By creating an intuitive self-service environment that requires no particular IT skills to use and operate, Desktop.com empowers anyone to select and run web apps as easy as we know it from using our smartphones.

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