What is a workspace administration

The workspace administration is used for administering users, groups and desktops within a company, team or organization (workspace). Only the workspace owner and admins have access to administer the workspace.

Workspaces are the shared environments, where you can invite your team members, add apps and links and manage your internal processes. Here your teams can chat, call, schedule meetings and securely access their customized collections of apps and links. Workspaces consist of one or several desktops, that lets you separate and organize conversations, apps and links based on e.g. project, brand, team, department. Only workspace owners and administrators can manage a workspace

Let's learn how you can start managing your workspace:

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

      2) Navigate to the Settings on the left-side panel

*Apps, links and chat sections are minimized in this example. You can also switch to the maximized view

     2) If you need to edit your workspace information, like workspace name and description, website and subdomain, admin contact, navigate to the Workspace settings menu. You can also set the multi-factor authentication from this menu.

*Only workspace owners can edit workspace information. Administrators are limited in rights for editing this
Learn more information about using multi-factor authentication here

     3) If you need to restrict or allow an access to the workspace to users with email of a specific domain, navigate to the Domains

Find more information on using domain names here

     4) If you need to invite new users or manage your teammates, for example assigning (or removing) them to internal desktops and groups, navigate to the Users menu

     5) If you need to create new group or manage existing (assigning them to internal desktops), navigate to the Groups menu

     6) If you need to create new internal desktop or manage existing (changing desktops' information, managing users and groups, managing apps), navigate to the Desktops menu

     7) Navigate to the Billing, if you need to check your current plan information, edit billing information, change payment method or download invoice

*Only workspace owners can edit this information

     8) If you need to edit your custom apps or create new, navigate to the Custom apps menu

Find more information about custom apps here

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