You can access different Google accounts from the one workspace by using a custom app feature. This guide works both if you have set up a Google Workspace with a branded domain or you have a free Google account

Let us show you how to use a custom app feature to access your different Google accounts:

Before we start, please, make sure, that you are logged in to all Google accounts you need to access from your workspace


     1) Open the app

     2) If you already have apps added to your desktop, click + Add button inside the Apps section

*Apps, links and chats sections are minimized in this example. You can also switch to the maximized view

     3) Alternatively, if you do not have apps section, click blue +Add button and then choose Add an app option in the drop-down menu

     4) Click Create Custom app button

     5) Now, if you have a free Google Account you need to make your custom app URL looks like: . Where [] should be replaced with your actual email address.

If you have a paid branded Google Workspace, your custom app URL will look like: Where [] should be replaced with your actual email address

Click Add application button once you've entered information

*This an example of creating custom app for a free Google account


*This is an example of creating a custom app for the branded Google account

     6) Now your Google Mail account has been created as the custom app and you can add this to your desktop

Below you can find a table with URLs' examples, which you need to use when setting up multiple account access to Google apps (table includes both examples for free accounts and paid Google workspaces:
Google App URL for a paid Google account URL for a free Google account
Google Mail
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Pay
Google Photos
Google Hangouts
Google Docs
Google Tag Manager
Google Sheets
Google Admin
Google Arts and Culture
Google Chat
Google Classroom
Google Contact
Google Jamboard
Google Keep
Google Maps
Google Meet
Google News
Google Play Console
Google Podcasts
Google Translate
Google Travel

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