SSO (Single Sign-On)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials - for example, a name and password - to access multiple applications. You only have to establish your identity once, and then you can login to multiple applications without needing to input your information each time

To set up SSO, please follow the next steps:

1) Open your app

2) Navigate to the Workspace settings menu: Click the workspace name -> navigate to Workspace settings, or click Settings button on the left-side panel

3) Navigate to the SSO menu,  select the app you want to use with an SSO and click Configure button

4) Fill in all the necessary fields

5) Follow the  in-app tutorial

6) Alternatively, you can access SSO menu from the App Store. Click +Add button and then choose Add an app option in the drop-down menu if you do not have apps added to your desktop yet.

 7) If you already have an apps section, click Add app button inside the section

8) Navigate to the SSO menu in the App Store

How to set SSO on a mobile device (Android):

1) Open app

2) Tap Expand menu button

3) Navigate to Workspace settings menu: tap your Workspace name-> Workspace settings, or tap Settings button on the left-side panel

4) Scroll down to the SSO

5) Select the app you want to use with an SSO and tap Configure button

6) Fill all the necessary fields

7) Follow the in-app tutorial

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