How to share passwords
Workspace owners and administrators can select any app and make it into a shared login app. These apps can be used on any type of desktop, and are visible to all users who are a member of the desktop. Only user with rights to use the shared login may use the shared login. Other users will need to use their own credentials
Before we start, let's learn how to add apps' credentials here

How to share passwords:

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

     2) Make sure, that you've unlocked your credentials. Click Unlock credentials button on the left-side panel

*Apps, links and chat section are minimized in this example. You can also switch to the maximized view

     3) Enter your password for the Desktop.com account and then click Unlock button

     4) Navigate to the Passwords menu

     5) You will see a list of apps with the stored apps' credentials (apps can have several stored credentials). Choose credentials you want to share and then click Share button

     6) Click an arrow button and choose teammate (or several teammates) from the drop-down list

     7) After you've selected teammates, click Share button

     8) Now you will see which users is the password shared with

     9) If you need to stop sharing passwords, click Share button, choose a user and then click Remove button

     10) Click Confirm button

How to share passwords on a mobile device (Android):

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

     2) Tap Expand menu button

     3) Tap Unlock credentials button on the left-side panel

     4) Enter a password for your Desktop.com account and then tap Unlock button

     5) Navigate to the Passwords menu

     6) Choose an app and credentials you need to share. Tap 3 dots button and choose Share Password option in the drop-down menu

     7) Choose users from the drop-down menu and click Share button

     8) If you need to stop sharing a password, tap 3 dots button and then Share button again

     9) Then tap Remove button

     1) Confirm this action