How to share a screen in a video conference

Learn how to share a screen with other participants in a video conference

With you can share your screen while holding a video conference.

This option is available if you enabled the Communicate feature package

How to share a screen:

1. Start a direct or a group video call

2. Click the Screen button in the bottom left corner

3. Select the content of your screen which you want to share with and then click the Share button

4. Now other participants  can see your screen and your actions with the screen's content

MAC users should give the permissions for the app to be able to share screen/window. Without providing permissions only sharing a Chrome tab works

How to screenshare on Mac:

1. You will see the prompt asking to grant access for the app. Click Open System Preferences button

2. Navigate to the Security & Privacy -> Privacy tab. Tick the box next to the app

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