How to schedule meetings

The users can schedule one-time/non recurring meetings or set a serie of meetings/recurring meetings.
We support inviting users by email. All users will receive an email invitation to the meeting with the iCalendar (iCal) file and meeting information.

How to schedule a meeting:

     1) Open the

     2) Navigate to the Meetings menu and click the Schedule button


 3) Enter the meeting's topic and description. Adjust the start date and time. Add invitiies. Choose the Does not repeat option if you want to schedule the non recurring meeting. Click the Save button to set the meeting

     4) If you want to schedule the recurring meeting, choose the Custom option

     5) Adjust your recurring meeting recurrence and set the settings when this serie should end (if required)

     6) Click the Save button to save this serie of meetings

     7) You can download the iCal file to import this to your chosen calendar app

Learn how to import the iCal file to the Google Calendar here

     8) You can access your scheduled meetings by navigating to the Meetings menu -> Scheduled

Now, after you learned how to schedule meetings, you can edit them. Learn how here

How to schedule meetings on a mobile device:

     1) Open the app

     2) Tap the Expand menu button

     3) Tap the Meetings button on the left panel and then tap the Expand menu button again

     4)Tap the Schedule button

     5) Adjust your scheduled meeting settings, choose the Does not repeat option for one-time meeting or the Custom option if you want to set a serie of meetings and tap the Save button when you ready to set this meeting