How to organize links into folders

Learn how to organize all your links in one place

Desktop.com is using folders to categorize your links in a convenient way. You should have at least one link to start categorizing it into folders

Let's create a new folder before starting categorizing the links:

     1) Open the Desktop.com app  

     2) Choose the desktop you wish to work with and navigate to the Links menu

*Apps, links and chat sections are maximized in this example. You can also switch to the minimized view

     2) Click the Add folder button, type the folder's name and then click the Create button

How to categorize links into folders:

     1) Right click on the link (alternatively, you can click 3 dots button) and click Folders in the drop-down menu

     2) Choose the folder you wish to add the link to in the drop-down menu ( you can also create a new folder)

Folders can be conveniently dragged-and-dropped across desktops

How to organize links into categories  on a mobile device (Android)

     1) Open the Desktop.com app

     2) Tap  Expand menu button

     3) Tap the desktop you wish to work with

     5) Let's create a folder first. Navigate to the Links menu and click Add folder button

     6) Enter the folder's name and tap Create button

     7) Let's now add a link to the folder. Tap 3 dots button on the link and choose Folders in the drop-down menu.

     8) Tap the folder you want add the link to ( you can also create a new folder from here)

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