How to invite external users to chat

Users that are currently not a part of a workspace can be invited as external participants into a chat. They will  have the option to join a chat with the following alternatives:
     - An existing account
     - Create a new account
     - A Slack account
     - Microsoft teams account (in development)

Slack or Microsoft Teams users can be invited into group/one-to-one chat if you have a Pro or Enterprise account

How to invite external users to chat:

     1) Open the app

     2) Navigate to the Chats menu

     3) Click the Create New Chat button

      4) Enter the invitees email address

     5) Click the Create button

     6)If more than one user is added to the chat interface, you will get the option of naming the chat

     7) An invitee will receive an email with the invitation link

     8) After accepting an invitation they will be able to choose an appropriate option to join the chat

                  *This is an example of the invitation sent from a Pro account. The Slack option won't be available in  invitations sent from Free accounts.

How to invite external users on a mobile device (Android):

     1) Open the app

     2)Tap the Expand menu button

     3) Tap the Chats button and then tap the Expand menu button again


     4) Tap the New Chat button

     4) Type the invitee's email and then tap the Invite button


  5)Tap the Create button

     6) If more than one user is added to the chat interface, you will get the option of naming the chat

How slack users can invite other members to their workspace:

     1) Open Slack, click your workspace name in the top left

     2) Select Invite people to [workspace name] from the menu


     3) Enter the email address for anyone you'd like to invite. If you're a Workspace Owner or Admin, click the drop-down menu to choose whether you'd like to invite members or guests (guests can be invited in paid workspaces)


  4) If you're inviting members, click Customize your invitation to select additional default channels they'll be added to if they accept their invitations. If you're inviting guests, choose the channel(s) they'll be added to


     5) Click Send, then click Done