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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are hybrid web pages that can be downloaded to your device just like a native APP and are designed to mimic native APP user experiences. Once a user Installs or Adds to their Home Page — PWA’s behave just like APPs. While the number of mobile users is growing each day — slow connections are an everyday problem for many and result in frustrating user experiences. PWA’s are a great solution thanks to faster loading speeds and since they can even work while offline

How to Install as a PWA to Windows or macOS?

(works only with Chromium based web browsers for now)

1) Open the app in your web browser

2) Log in with your account

3) You will be offered to install the app when you first log in. Click the Install app in the prompt window on the bottom right

4) If you missed to install the app, just click  Download button in the right corner of the address bar and then click  Install button

5) Alternatively, click  Settings (3 dots) button in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser and then click Install in the drop-down menu

How to install the app on a mobile device (Android)

     1) Navigate to the page in Google PlayStore and click Install button

     2) Alternatively, open the PlayStore app on your device, search for the app and install

How to install the on the iOS device:

     1) Open in your Safari or Chrome browser

     2) Tap Share button in the upper corner near the address bar and then tap Add to Home Screen

     3) Tap Add button

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