How to edit scheduled meetings

The users can make changes to scheduled meetings anytime. Decide if you need to apply the changes to one meeting in a serie or to the whole serie of meetings

Before we start, let's learn how to schedule meetings here

How to edit scheduled meetings:

     1) Open the

     2) Navigate to the Meetings menu

     3) Navigate to your list of meetings by clicking the Scheduled button

     4) Click the meeting you want apply changes to and then click the Edit meeting button

     5) Alternatively, you can click the 3 dots button near the meeting's name and click the Edit meeting button in the drop-down menu

     6) Edit your meeting and click the Save button

     7) If you are editing the recurring meeting, you can either apply changes to only chosen meeting or to the whole serie (all meetings in the serie will be edited)

     8) You can also delete the scheduled meeting. If you are deleting the recurring scheduled meeting, you will be able either delete only the chosen meeting or the whole serie of meetings

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