How to create groups of users

Learn how to integrate users into groups for an effective collaboration

Owners and administrators of Pro Workspaces can create and manage Groups. A group is a number of specific internal users that can be assigned to desktops. There is no limit to how many groups can be created
Before we start, let's learn how to invite new users here
Assigning groups to dedicated desktops is available if you enabled the Organize&Search feature package

How to create groups:

1) Open the app

2) Navigate to the Workspace settings menu: Click the workspace name -> navigate to Workspace settings, or click the Settings button on the left-side panel

*Here both feature packages are enabled. If you deactivate one of them, some options will be unavailable for you

3) Navigate to the Groups menu

4) Click  the New group button

5) Enter the group's name, and description (optionally) -> click the Save button

Now you can start managing your groups

How to create groups on a mobile device (Android):

1) Open the app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Navigate to Workspace settings menu: tap your Workspace name-> Workspace settings, or tap the Settings button on the left-side panel

4) Navigate to the Groups

5) Tap  the New group button

6) Enter the group's name, description (optionally) and tap the Save button

Video instruction

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