Let's learn how to add content to your desktops for convenient one-click access and customizable view

Workspace owners and administrators can add apps to all internal desktops. Members with the user's rights can only add apps to their private desktops and not to internal desktops. Please, find more information on difference in desktops' types here

     1) Open the Desktop.com app

     2) Choose the desktop you want to add an app to, click + Add button on the right and choose Add an app in the drop-down menu

     2) You can find an app by browsing the apps' categories or typing the app's name in the search field. Click  Add button to add an app to a desktop

     3) After you've created the apps section, you can continue adding apps by clicking + button in the Apps' view

     4) If you need to add the same apps to another desktop, use the Copy feature. Click 3 dots button next to Apps and then select Copy all apps option

     5) Then select the desktop you want add apps to. Click 3 dots button again and select Paste apps option

     6) You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to move apps from one desktop to another. Just click and hold the app and then move to a desktop.

You can create a custom app if it is not listed in our App Store. Learn how here

How to add an app on a mobile device (Android)

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

     2) Tap the Expand menu button

      3) Tap the desktop you want to add the app to

     4) Tap + button and then Add an app in the drop-down menu

     5) You can tap the Categories button to find an app by browsing in existing categories

      6) If you want to add a particular app, use the search field to find an app in our App Store

     7) You can now easily add new apps from the Apps menu by clicking + button

Video tutorial

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