How to remove links

Learn how to remove links from desktops in just a few steps

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Workspace members with user's rights can delete links only from their private desktops and can't delete from internal desktops. Workspace owners and administrators can delete links from both their private desktops and internal desktops
First, learn how to add links to desktops here
This option is available if you enabled Organize&Search feature package

How to remove links from a desktop:

1) Open your app

2) Select the desktop -> navigate to Links

3) If you enabled Organize&Search + Communicate feature package: first navigate to Desktops -> select the desktop -> navigate to Links

4) To delete a single link: right-click on the link (alternatively, click the 3dots button on the link) -> select Remove link option in the drop-down menu

5) To delete all the links from the desktop: click the 3dots button inside the Links section -> Delete section

6) If you deleted a whole section, you can simply restore that. To do so, click the Activity button -> click the 3 dots button next to the deletion action -> click the Undo button

How to remove links on a mobile device:

1) Open your app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Select the desktop

4)If you enabled Organixe&Search + Communicate feature packages: navigate to the Desktops -> select a desktop you want to work with

5) Switch to the Links

6) To delete a single link: tap 3 dot button on the link -> scroll the drop-down menu -> select Remove link option

7) To remove all  links: tap the 3 dots button inside the Links section -> select Delete section option

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