How to Invite a New User

Learn how to invite users to your workspace

The workspace owners and administrators can invite users to workspaces.
Both Free and Pro accounts can invite users to their desktops. Free accounts can share the desktops only with internal members (i.e. people they have sent an invite to and that have created an account) and Pro accounts can share the desktops with internal members as well as external guests (people without a account) as well.
  •      1) Click your workspace's name and then click the Settings button

  •      2) Navigate to the Users menu

  •      3) Click the Invite User button

  •      4) You will see the sent invite in the Pending Invitations

If you need to revoke an invitation:
  •      1) Click on the invitation, you want to revoke

  •      2) Scroll down to the Danger Zone and click the Revoke invitation button

  •      3) You will be offered to confirm or cancel this action

You can also resend the  invitation by clicking the Resend to button

Now you can share you desktops with other users - Learn how here

How to invite users on a mobile device (Android)

  •       1) Open the app
  •      2) Tap the Expand menu button

  • 3) Tap the Settings button on the left panel

  •      4) Navigate to the Users menu

  •      5) Tap the Invite user button in the upper right

  •      6) Type the email address, choose a role (member or admin) and tap the Send Invite button

The invitation acceptance period expires in 14 days

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