How Do I Delete a Account?

Any member of a workspace can delete an account when they want.

A workspace owner is not able to remove his/her account. First, the ownership has to be changed to another member and only then an account can be deleted. If a workspace owner wants to be deleted, he/she needs to send a request to the customer support

How to delete the account (instructions for users with member/admin rights):

     1) Click your profile icon and then navigate to Preferences

     2) Scroll down to the Danger Zone and click the Delete button

     3) The account will no longer be available, and all data in the account will be permanently deleted

How to delete the account on a mobile:

     1) Open the app

     2) Tap the Expand menu button

     3) Tap the Profile icon on the bottom right and then navigate to My Profile

     4) Scroll the menu down to the Danger Zone and tap the Delete button

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