How to change a desktop's layout

The layout is the way your apps are arranged on your desktop.

First, let's learn how to add apps to your desktop here
You can choose to show your apps in the following ways:

     - Grid (in default) - shows the apps in grid setup

     - Fluid view - shows the app grouped by a category

You can work with your desktop's layout when the apps section is maximized

How to change a layout:

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

     2) Choose a desktop you want to work with and navigate to the Apps section

*Layout can be only changed in the maximized view

     3) Click Layout button and switch to the Fluid view

     4) Now you can see all your apps organized by a category

How to change a desktop's layout on a mobile device (Android):

     1) Open your Desktop.com app

    2) Tap Expand menu button

     3) Tap a desktop which you want to work with

         4) Navigate to the Apps section. Tap Layout button and switch between different views

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