Definition of Desktop Types

Desktop. com has 2 types of desktops: user desktops and workspace desktops

There are 2 types of desktops available on

User desktops

User desktops are the desktops that are created by the user. They are listed in "My desktops" section and are created for your personal use.

The creator of an user desktop has full user rights to his/her user desktop, allowing him/her to:

Workspace desktops

Workspace desktops are the desktops that are created by an administrator of a workspace. These are collaborative desktops. Administrator is someone who can administer a work and can have roles of an administrator or/and owner. Administrator  can see all workspace desktops in the administration user interface.

All users with the admin permissions have full rights to:

  • add workspace desktops
  • edit workspace desktops
  • remove workspace desktops

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