How to create a desktop

Learn how to create desktops for the seamless collaboration

A desktop is a virtual space where you can add and organize your apps, links and documents, so everyone in your team can access assets which they need. You can communicate here with individuals or groups via chat, voice or full HD quality video and also schedule planned meetings. You can have one or more desktops in your workspace
Please, find more information about desktops' types here

How to create a desktop:

1) Open your app

2) To add a new desktop, navigate to the Desktops on the left-side panel -> click the Create a new desktop button next to the Desktops

3) Enter a desktop's name and description (optionally). Choose if a desktop will be internal (this option is available only for workspace owners and administrators) or private and click the Create button

4) Internal desktops can be also created from the Workspace Settings menu

5) Navigate to the Desktops and click the Create button

How to create a desktop on a mobile device:

1) Open your app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Navigate to the Desktops menu on the left-side panel and tap the +New desktop button

4) Enter desktop's name and description (this is optionally), choose if this is an internal desktop and tap the Create button when you are ready


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