Making calls with Desktop.com

You can make calls and video conferences using Desktop.com

There are 2 types of calls available:

- Direct (between members/guests or between a member and an external person not associated with the Desktop.com account)

- Group (call limited to members of the desktop)

Please note that to make calls or video conference with someone, you need to make sure that you belong to the same workspace

There are certain restrictions on the participants' number:

Free accounts: Max video/Audio participants = 5 in a call. Max 1 hour meetings

Pro accounts - Max video/Audio participants = 25 in a call. Max. 24 hour meetings

Enterprise accounts - Max video/Audio participants = 100 in a call. Max. 24 meetings

How start calls:

     1) Open the Desktop.com app

     2)To start a Direct call, navigate to the People panel on the top right. Choose a teammate from the list and click Call/ Video call button

     3) To start a Group call, click the desktop you want to start a call with and click Call/ Video call button in the right corner


Before we start, let's create a group. Learn how here


     4) Now you can initiate calls with this user/ desktop from the Meetings menu

     5) Also you can start calls from the Chat menu


      5) You can also invite other people to your call/video call which has already started. Click Participants button on the bottom panel

     6) Then click Invite Someone button

     7) Share the meeting link either by copying and then sending to someone or share by an email


     8) To manage your meeting setting, tap 3 dots button on the bottom panel

     9) Click Chat button to send any important messages during the meeting

     10) Click Share screen button to start your presentation

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