Breakout rooms

We are happy to introduce the breakout room feature available in calls and video conferences. Breakout rooms allow you temporarily split your meeting into separate groups, with each group meeting in its own unique room. Only Moderators can create breakout rooms, they can be created at any time before or during a meeting. The meeting moderator can either assign participants to specific rooms or have participants join rooms on their own. Participants can move between rooms without restriction and then can go back to the main meeting room at any time. These breakout rooms are fully separated from each other and the main meeting, so there will be no audio or video leak or interference between rooms.

How to enable breakout room:

1. Open the app

2. Start a call or video conference

3. Click Participants button on the bottom panel

4) Click Add breakout room button

5) The call participants can join the rooms by clicking Join button next to the breakout room

6) Call participants will have options either to Leave breakout room or switch between the main room and other breakout rooms

7) The call moderator can remove any of the breakout rooms by clicking the 3 dots button -> Remove

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