An employee quit, how to offboard that person

Learn how to manage your users and remove anyone you need to offboard

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Only workspace owners and administrators have rights to delete/offboard workspace members

How to delete workspace members:

1) Open your app

2) Navigate to the People pane on the upper right and select a member you need to remove from the workspace

*Here both feature packages are enabled. If you disabled one of them, some options will be unavailable for you

3) Select the team member whom you want to delete. Click Manage button in the user's card

4) Scroll down to the Danger Zone and click Delete User button.

*You can also suspend user and temporary limit his access to your workspace

5) Alternatively, you can delete users from the Workspace settings menu: Click the workspace name -> navigate to Workspace settings, or click Settings button on the left-side panel

6) Navigate to the Users and choose a member you want to delete

Deleting a user cannot be reversed and the deleted user will lose access to all desktops he/she had access to in the workspace

How to delete workspace members on a mobile device:

1) Open your app

2) Tap the Expand menu button

3) Navigate to the User pane on the bottom panel

4) Tap the team member  you need to delete. Tap Manage button in the user's card

5) Scroll down to the Danger Zone and tap Delete User button

*You can also suspend a user and temporary limit its access to your


 6) You can also delete users from the workspace settings menu: tap your Workspace name-> Workspace settings, or tap Settings button on the left-side panel

7) Scroll to the Users menu

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