Account Types offers currently two different account options that the user can register for, the Free account and the Pro account. Both account types offer the same product and interface, but the Free account has restrictions compared to the Pro account. If you need more than 250 users for your account you can contact us regarding an Enterprise account. See more information here:

Free account

A Free version provides easy interaction between the apps and links in one place. It gives you an unlimited amount of desktops in your workspace and all the base features of the product. You will be limited in the number of users that you can add to your workspace for collaborating, but it is a great way to get to know the application or for personal use with a limited set of features.

Both the Free version and Pro version offer both personal desktops and workspace desktops.

Personal desktops are personal to the user (a member of the workspace) that creates them and can be shared with other workspace members. In the Pro version, you can also share your personal desktops with guest users that you choose to invite.

Workspace desktops are desktops that are available for the team members that you have invited to your workspace. Workspace desktops are created by you (the owner) or administrators of the workspace.

Pro account

A Pro account is meant for businesses, organizations, and users that want access to the pro features. A pro account allows you to have up to 250 users in your workspace.

Unlike a Free account, a Pro account allows you to:

  • Invite external guests to your workspace and personal desktops
  • Arrange your users into groups. You can learn more about group management here.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) login for apps
  • Up to 25 participants for audio and video calls

To learn more about the different account types, please see our Plans.

To learn more about the types of workspace users and their roles see our User roles and rights overview.