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How We Keep Your Data Secure

Help Desk Home. >. >. How We Keep Your Data Secure. Content. What information do we collect, use, and share? Table of contents. 1. WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? 2. HOW DO WE USE YOUR INFORMATION? 3. WILL YOUR INFORMATION BE SHARED WITH ANYONE? 4. DO WE

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Press Resources. About. provides a productive and secure environment for using and organizing web apps. Businesses and consumers are increasingly moving their daily activities online, where modern web apps are replacing natively installed apps

Connecting the dots of remote work |

Widespread Possibilities. Easy onboarding/offboarding. Access everything you need, whenever you need it, from any device. Secure Single Sign-on (SSO). Increase productivity while keeping data secure. With single sign-on users only have to enter one set of

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digital in one place, securely, from anywhere. Hundreds of tools. Zero logins. Give anyone secure access to apps and data without password spreadsheets or sharing login info. Where’s that link? Never again. Organize and share important links with clients and

How to Safely Use Public Wifi

connection you use at your home or with your mobile device is relatively secure. With modern technology and an overall increase in network security, households have little to worry about when it comes to using their internet connection safely. But what about

Disabling Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration

button upper right. Now your SSO has been successfully disabled. Find more useful information in our list of the most related articles: SSO (Single Sign-on). Setting up a compatible or custom Single Sign-on application. MFA. How do we keep your data secure. Terms & Conditions. Privacy Policy. Cookie Policy. California Privacy Disclosures. © 2021

The Future of IT and SaaS

they can secure them for use within the whole company. If your business is using too many apps, it might be time to switch over to With its quick-import function, you can easily put all your apps and bookmarks into one organized and shareable

All-in-one Bookmark manager

across desktops. Collaborate with others. Ensure that key knowledge and useful links are kept organized, secure and accessible to anyone in the team. Import with browser extension. Get the best bookmark app for chrome browsers: easily import all your

Use Case: Pitching a New Client

Unable to establish a secure connection. After very long minutes of troubleshooting, there’s no solution and Alfred is unable to access the brilliant presentation that their team had prepared. Without any other option, Alfred is forced to improvise his

What's the Difference Between a Digital Workspace and Digital Workplace

common constituents of his integrated technology framework include: App/desktop virtualization. Content collaboration and file sharing. Secure access to SaaS apps. Unified endpoint management. Single Sign-On (. SSO. ). Automated workflow. Using the right