Unified Access - Widespread Possibilities

Bridge the gap between your favorite apps, devices and teams by bringing it all into one central solution.

Create an organized, shareable space for every need, team or project
Have a better overview of user access settings, passwords and app subscriptions
Improve collaboration across and within teams
Securely access all your tools, teams and conversations from any device, at any time

Apps & Passwords

1 click access to all your apps
All your tools in one place
1 click access to all your apps. With all your apps, links and people conveniently organized and accessible in one place, it's easy get and stay focused.
Integrated top-of-line secure password manager
Utilize the password manager for secure and seamless movement between apps.
Mulitple views
Change apps display, switch between grid view and fluid.
Discover new apps
Desktop.com supports hundreds of Web Apps! Browse our own App Store to discover the best ones and easily add them to your Desktops.

All-in-one bookmark manager

Organize all your links in one place and share them with your team.
Folder & tags
Tag your bookmarks for improved searchability and arrange them into folders. Bookmarks and folders can be conveniently dragged-and-dropped across desktops.
Collaborate with others
Ensure that key knowledge and useful links are kept organized, secure and accessible to anyone  in the team.
Import with browser plugin
Easily import all your bookmarks into Desktop.com and get relevant web apps auto-suggested for a smooth setup.
Quick-save links straight from browser
Easily add a link on the go straight from the browser with a single click.
Create a centralized destination for all team members to access the tools, knowledge & conversations they need to in order to focus on what they do best.
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Get Organized

Create an organized, shareable space for every need, team or project
Get organised with Desktops
Create an organized, shareable space for every need, team or project.
Work with workspaces
Remove notification fatigue and digital clutter related stress by having everything in a well-organized location that unfolds from a single icon on your device.
Recent and favorites
Stay on track by being able to easily pick right back up where you left off.
Powerful search
Search acro all your content and find anything you need in no time.


Communicate with your contacts or groups across any type of device without installing anything - right in the context of your workspace or project.
Chat with your teams or in a group chat
Easily create custom groups or quick-chat with all members of a certain desktop with one click.
One-on-one chats
Collaborate better with instant access to all team members. Status indicators allows you to    know if they are available or busy.

Meetings & Video calls

Make audio and video calls with your team members or set up video conferences with external parties. Share your screen. Lock the meeting with password and many other features. All from your browser with no need to install an app.
Voice and video calls on all devices with integrated chat
Send private messages to individual call participants or share links and notes during the video call through the general in-call chat.
Feature rich full HD video conferencing
In-call features such as blurred background, individual sound controls, password protected meetings, screen sharing and video quality controls.
Bridge the gap between your favorite apps, devices and teams by bringing it all into one central solution.
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Abuse monitoring

Desktop.com will carefully monitor any links that are saved to a Desktop.com account in order to protect users from potentially harmful content relating to the link or to the domain name within the link. Monitoring is solely done to protect users from botnet, malware and phishing - no information or data otherwise contained in the links will be saved, used, sold or otherwise kept by Desktop.com for any other purposes.


All data transmitted to our servers over public networks is protected using strong encryption protocols. By using SRP, a secure augmented password-authenticated key agreement (PAKE) protocol, we are also able to ensure that no eavesdropper or man-in-the-middle can obtain any meaningful information to perform an attack.


The owner of a workspace can decide whether or not all users of the workspace should be forced to use MFA (Multi-Factor-Authentication) when logging into the service. If the owner activates MFA for their workspace all users need to verify their identity through an authenticator app or through a one time code when logging in.


Enable seamless access by using SSO. This reduces the risk of unwanted exposure due to weak passwords while improving access control.

Domain Verification

Add an extra layer of security by requiring that only users with email addresses containing certain verified domain names can access the workspace.t.

Privacy by design

Our product and services are built with security as a top priority. We only collect information neccessary to provide our services to you.

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