Intuitive UI that just works

With, all of your Apps and Links are always just one click away, neatly organized and always available on all your devices
Your content auto-organized

With tags, folders and categorizes automatically created for you, you don’t have to waste any more time sorting through your apps and saved links.

Powerful search

Easily Search across all your desktop(s) to find what you are looking for.and easily find your apps and links.

One Desktop: everywhere

With, you become device-independent - access and use your Desktop on any device, anywhere.  your apps follow you on all your devices.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Easily access multiple other apps* straight from your account without needing to log into each and every one separately.

*SSO supporting apps that has configurations in place for. We support many of the major web platforms and are continuously expanding our SSO coverage.

Made for collaboration

Share apps and links, or an entire Desktop, with just one click. Invite other users as well as external guests

Everything to help you stay focused

Multiple accounts

Want to separate your personal desktop from your work desktop? Collaborating with more than one team? Not a problem. You can seamlessly switch between your different accounts. Staying focused and maintaining a work-life balance has never been easier.

Centralize all your notifications

Don't be overwhelmed by the number of notifications fighting for your attention. helps you stay in touch without being burnt-out.

Perfect for your team

Share links in a smarter way with your team and manage all app access settings from one place with a single click.

Countless apps one click away supports hundreds of Web Apps! Browse our App Store to discover and easily add new apps to your Desktops.

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