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By partnering with you’ll be part of making collaborating online both easier and more secure for teams all over the world while enjoying a partner program tailored for digital agencies!

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Your Digital Workspace business opportunity

As a partner, your business has the opportunity to offer the most comprehensive digital workspace on the market as a managed service.

(Not sure what a digital workspace is? Check out this article)

How you make money

Create a new recurring revenue stream
Get embedded in your client’s operations
Make your agency + client relationship more efficient
Capitalize early on the digital workspace movement

Our ideal partner

Your agency is...

  • A trusted partner for your clients in all things digital
  • Constantly recommending, implementing and managing SaaS tools for clients
  • Regularly scaling up and down with freelancers and outside vendors to meet client needs
  • Collaborating across multiple client teams and workstreams

Your clients are...

  • Small, growing businesses
  • Adding and ramping up on new SaaS tools
  • Adapting to new workstyles like remote work
  • Onboarding new people and processes
  • Jumping back an forth between tools such as Slack, Zoom, Lastpass and Teams

How it works

Meet with us and get access to for your agency - no cost for active partners

Set up your environment and learn the product - it’s super intuitive and easy to roll out

Get a few clients up and running with a simple sell-in and onboarding process, and marketing tools and documentation from our team

Charge for a one-time implementation and bill monthly for Digital Workspace Management - contact us for our recommended fees and your path to revenue.

Your clients will love

Imagine the best of Slack, Zoom, Lastpass and Teams combined with SaaS app management. All in one app at a fraction of the cost per user. Your agency and will become central to their technology strategy and collaboration.

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Make your digital agency essential as a Digital Workspace Service Provider with

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