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By partnering with Desktop.com you’ll be part of making collaborating online both easier and more secure for teams all over the world while enjoying a generous affiliate program!

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Why Desktop.com?

Desktop.com makes it easier for teams and individuals to create organized workspaces to work and collaborate online.

  • Easily distribute and access SaaS apps
  • Quick-import and organize your favorite apps and bookmarks
  • Tag, sort & share online content
  • Integrate with popular apps
  • Customize and share desktops with integrated video conferencing and instant chat
  • Password manager and easy-to-use security settings

Get the overview you never had by keeping everything in one place!

How does the affiliate program work?

By partnering with Desktop.com you'll be part of making online collaboration easier and more secure for teams all over the world, while also enjoying a generous affiliate program!

Often a customer will start their experience with Desktop.com by buying a single user license before onboarding their team. To give you a fair shake of getting revenue for all potential user licenses, we are offering 100% revenue sharing in month 1 AND month 2 after signup for all paid users.


Person Doe is referred by our affiliate partner to Desktop.com. In month 1 they start a free trial paying US$0.

Once the 14 day free trial is over, they are billed US$5 for their user license.

They are amazed by the experience and quickly see the value of having their team on the platform. During month 1 they invite six team members to join their account - this adds 6 user seats, which are billed in month 2.

In this example the affiliate is paid:

  • US$5 for one user license in month 1.
  • US$35 for 7 user licenses in month 2.
  • Total commission for the Person Doe account is US$40.


We want to enable and encourage rather than prevent any partner from enjoying the full potential of the partnership, so we have very few restrictions to our affiliate program. Referred users have to be of legal age and have a valid credit card to sign up to the Pro services.

We currently only provide an English language interface. So any referrals must understand English in order to make sense and to be able to use the service. Otherwise it's free game!

How to sign up

We have partnered with industry leader CJ.COM to manage our affiliate program. Click the link below to go straight to their website to sign up and get started!

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